Ceramic Pro Aircraft Protection at Apollo Coatings and Detailing

Apollo Coatings and Detailing utilizes Ceramic Pro products and specialty formulations for automotive paint and surface protection.  This incredible technology is also perfect for planes, jets, and helicopters. The formula utilized by LI Detailers is extremely versatile and creates an impervious bond with all surfaces to protect against chemical and weather corrosion.

For planes, jets, and helicopters, there is also a high-end protection formulation which is called Ceramic Pro Strong which protects against the harshest of chemicals, acids, and alkalis as well as weather conditions.

What Makes Ceramic Pro Protection Different?

Unlike waxes and sealants that have to continually be applied to planes, jets, and helicopters, the Ceramic Pro Aircraft coating solution is permanent.   Many aircraft owners and operators will apply Ceramic Pro to the exterior to remove the need to consistently pay for wax and sealant products in some cases monthly.  Aircraft are exposed to extreme weather conditions and environmental pollutants that are avoided with a permanent coating solution.

Unlike waxes and sealants that deteriorate and fail in weeks, Ceramic Pro forms a permanent molecular bond with the surface it is applied to insuring it will never come off, unless it is physically abraded off with a high amount of friction.

The Mohs rating of Ceramic Pro’s hardness is above 9H, and the highest rating on the scale is 9H! Such a hardness rating indicates that Ceramic Pro is strong enough to protect your aircraft from even the toughest conditions on the planet.

Ceramic Pro Aircraft Protection also beats waxes and sealants where they fail: temperature resistance. Ceramic Pro is extremely resistant to extreme temperatures up to 1400 Degrees Fahrenheit!   The results of this testing will continue to protect your aircraft even at punishing temperatures!

Ceramic Pro offers a lifetime warranty that applies to planes, jets, and helicopters when the Ceramic Coating is applied by LI Detailers, a certified Ceramic Pro detailer.

Ceramic Pro’s tremendous track record and certifications make it the superior product for aircraft protection.  Ceramic Pro also offers leather, glass, and rubber protection products so the incredible protection can be brought inside the aircraft also.

Investing in a Ceramic Pro coating application by LI Detailers will protect your investment and maintain the re-sale value while providing with a stunning aesthetic look that will last a lifetime!

Certification Backed Coating Protection

Ceramic Pro has been tested and certified by SGS, one of the world’s leading certification Company. In their tests they concluded that the gloss level of Ceramic Pro is high, that the coating can withstand direct 5% salt spray for 350 hours, that the pencil hardness is higher than 9H, and that the impact rating (ASTM D2494) is 80/80 inch-lbs. Compared to waxes and sealants, Ceramic Pro beats these competitors by far.

Apollo Coatings and Detailing is the preferred Ceramic Pro Distributor & Authorized Application Center for the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Apollo Coatings and Detailing can be contacted anytime at 1 (800) 618-5881 or drop us a line here.  

Paint must be fully corrected before applying a protective coating (nano or ceramic) due to the fact that once the coating is on, it becomes a new surface on top of your clear-coat. Anything left on the paint will be locked in and require a complete polishing process to correct.

To get an accurate quote for your Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction, stop by our Walnut Creek location located at: 187 Mayhew Way #C, Walnut Creek, CA 94597