When it comes to interiors Apollo use a very thorough method of cleaning. We use a light alkaline product specific to the vehicle’s type of material for all carpets and floormats. The material is then flushed with clean water until no trace of soap remains.


We frequently encounter past detailers who do not do this, finding massive volumes of soap when cleaning. This is common among inexpensive detailers or car washes.This can be compared to your home carpet and the most inexpensive carpet cleaner you can buy at the store. This cleaner is made from a higher ph so it’s able to clean faster, but that also translates into a higher volume of soap residue. The cheaper detailers don’t have time to flush the cleaner out with water so they quickly use suction to remove moisture. Unfortunately this leaves the residue behind that instantly foams up again when moisture is introduced, as well as attracting dirt twice as fast as before.