Marine Protection Coatings

thumbCeramic Pro is highly rated in the aviation and automotive industry, but its formula also happens to beat just about any other competitor in the marine care industry. Boat and yacht owners that have applied Ceramic Pro years ago are still raving about the amazing condition that their exterior and interior surfaces are still in.

Our goal in the marine industry is to remove the need for frequent exhausting, non-environmentally friendly, and expensive hull cleanings. Boat owners that utilize Ceramic Pro 9H on their boat and yacht surfaces will be able to protect against the corrosion caused by salt water, weathering, algae, shells, and other corrosive materials.

The Ceramic Pro New York Difference in the Marine Industry

It’s still unclear to us why many boat detailers use wax and sealants on boats and yachts since they wash away and break down within a few months of being applied. Well, it’s clear that it’s advantageous for details to keep applying such coatings every few months, but it’s not clear why boat owners continue to pay time after time. Instead, we offer a long-term to permanent solution (if properly maintained) that forms a permanent bond with paint finishes and can only be removed through sanding.

On automotive surfaces, Ceramic Pro paint protection is so strong that it can resist stone chips, scratches, and other paint damage. On boats, Ceramic Pro is just as effective. It is actually rated above 9H on the Mohs mineral hardness scale which determines impact resistance. 9H is the highest on the scale and Ceramic Pro is so strong that it exceeds the highest rating!

Ceramic Pro comes in a few different product versions that protect surfaces ranging from paint to textiles, some of which are for interior use and some of which are for exterior use. Ceramic Pro also comes in a Strong version which protects against alkalis, acid, and other corrosive chemicals. This makes Ceramic Pro Strong a great choice for boat and yacht owners looking for the highest possible protection on their paint surfaces.

Also, since Ceramic Pro fully covers surfaces and doesn’t come off, it will stop metal and paint underneath from oxidizing and rusting due to air and water. Not to mention that when Ceramic Pro is properly applied to a boat paint surface by a certified Ceramic Pro detailer, it will be able to resist temperatures as high as 1400f.

Another aspect that Ceramic Pro protects boats from is UV rays. Ceramic Pro uses silkoxid which blocks sun rays from damaging paint, rubber, and plastic on boats. Aside from paint and surface protection, Nano Shine also succeeds in their products being visually appealing. A boat that has had Ceramic Pro applied to its surface will have a Super Gloss that is unmatched by any other product in the industry. You will literally have to see the gloss that Ceramic Pro creates on paint surfaces to believe it. It is simply out of this world.

Since the nano-ceramic formula that Ceramic Pro is based on is Super Hydrophobic by nature, boat owners will be able to enjoy a boat free of water and salt spots. Whereas water clings on a regular paint finish, water drops that hit a boat with a Ceramic Pro coating will simply roll off and not leave any spots behind. This also helps minimize stains and fading caused by salt water.

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Paint must be fully corrected before applying a protective coating (nano or ceramic) due to the fact that once the coating is on, it becomes a new surface on top of your clear-coat. Anything left on the paint will be locked in and require a complete polishing process to correct.

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