Paint Correction

The difference between a professional detailer and a a low cost detailer is all about paint correction. An inexpensive detailer does not have the time to correct clear/paint issues correctly.

At Apollo, our method is to remove swirls, scratches and orangepeel as safely as we can. We check our work by using a very bright lighting system to see the surface clearly and in a effort to maintain the integrity of the clear/paint we use an electronic paint depth gauge to judge how far we can sand.

To perform a proper correction takes time. It can vary from 6+ hours on a brand new vehicle corrected and coated in Ceramic Pro (1 coat) or 8-30 or more hours on a difficult or elite vehicle. It all depends on the color, level of issue and budget.

An example of a perfectly corrected 2014 Tesla


All vehicle manufacturers use different clearcoats per underlying color there we use a variety of products. Here is a small list of some of the products we use.

Polishers: We use a modified Rupes 21 polisher, Flex PE-14-2 150 polisher and a modified PC. The first two are precision imported machines.

Pads: vary from 3″ to 6″ in foam, 3″ to 5″ in specialized microfiber.

Polishing compounds: We use only the best  of  a large variety of Optimum & Menzerna polishes/compounds and Angelwax line of polishes and compounds.

Beware of inexpensive details

Because of the intensity of the coating requirements, it’s impossible to use a “short-cut”. A 1 step product that is so commonly used in the
“fast detailer” arena, is also known as a polish/glaze. Glaze products only last 1 month or 1 washing. They are designed to hide low level work and do that very well for a month.  It’s best to avoid the “fast detailers” as we are constantly asked to correct the damage caused by the methods they use.