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September 2016
1968 Chevelle. Built by Kindig Designs (Salt Lake City) & MSD
SEMA 2015 Also shown on “Bitchin Rides” TV show on Velocity

July 2016
Jet Black 2006 C6 Z06 Chevrolet Corvette
(turn down your sound first)

Chevrolet Corvette Job Details:

– Extensive sanding, compounding and polishing

– Roof and deck lid sanded flat/smooth

– Complete Ceramic Pro GOLD Package

– Wheels off, suspension polished and coated in Ceramic Pro Strong, 2 coats, Wheels 2 coats

This is an extreme example of what is possible!

**A true quality restoration of the clear/paint can require 10 to 50+ hours to complete properly, with most between 10 and 20

2015 Corvette. Opti-Coat Pro & Plus
2015 Corvette with coatings. Wheels off, all metals coated and calipers polished/ coated


1973 Hemi Cuda, from Bitchen Rides TV show by Kindig Designs of Salt Lake City, Utah.
Job details: Sand clear shrinkage, compound/polish and fine polish, coat in Opti-Coat Pro/Plus.